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Avery Ellis

I love writing a world to escape into. I hope you enjoy and can relate to this story called life.

Avery has lived and wants you to immerse yourself in this life, seeing it from all points of view. Walk in their shoes and empathize with their love, lust, pain, struggles, and joy. With them you can triumph, and fail, conquer, and flee.

I’d love to hear from ya. Drop me a line.


  • Prom
    I asked my school if this older guy could escort me to the Senior Prom and they denied my request. So I didn’t go. The only way I would even entertain the idea was if he could take me. Ethan argued I should still go since I only get one and all that jazz. But […]
  • Teen Love
    I’m 18 and he’s 21. He’s been shy and not forward whatsoever. Just respectful and sexy as hell. Sexy in that responsible, handsome, there’s a future here kind of way. Plus his neck and forearms made me tingle in places. I want him bad. We’ve already done, stuff. Just not all the way yet. It’s […]
  • Divorced
    Our fifteen year anniversary was six months ago. I think maybe we went out to dinner. It’s been, such a long road… unpaved, unlit, massive pot holes, people darting out in front of us at night in the dark. A long, rough road. So much has been said. Too much. So much has gone unsaid. […]
  • First Kiss
    Ethan was the opposite of pushy. Extremely respectful. Too respectful? Is that a thing? I met him at a party, liked his “Define Girlfriend” Hollister shirt and didn’t give him a second thought. (I was crushing on his friend already.) I asked my friends, “so who’s the cute blonde?” (She still insists she was never […]
  • It’s Time
    It’s 3am. I’m awoken by 19yr old Aria packing bags. She whispers, “I’m going into labor. But it’s ok, go back to sleep. I’m gonna take a bath and shave and stuff.” I groggily reply, eyes widening, “Oh. Okay. I love you.” Laying my head back on the pillow knowing my life is about to […]
  • A Father’s Poem
    I just want to let you know, You mean the world to me. And as hard as the wind may blow, I will never take a knee. I hear you, in your silence. I understand you, in your violence. When, “I love you dad” you say, Every hardship ever, simply melts away And my world, […]
  • Apology to Aria
    I made a promise to you. And that meant something to you. I lied to ur face. Flat out, lie. I knew before I even made that promise I had zero intention of keeping it. And that’s just wrong. I had all my reasons. My daughters. But reasons don’t make it disappear. I still did […]
  • Kitchen Revelation
    We’re living in Sicily, Italy. The people and tight knit helpful community, the pizza, the new friends, the culture, the pizza, the bakeries, the espresso… the pizza. It is magnificent. The first year here has been the best our marriage has ever seen. From my point of view. We’re parenting the most adorable and wildly […]
  • I love you
    I love you so much. I don’t want to confuse you and I’m not trying to get back together or anything. I’m just saying I love you. We built something so crazy. We built a family from nothing and we did so much. So much driving, and sleeping, relaxing, movies, popcorn, hot chocolate, cuddling, lots […]
  • Commitment
    I hate the commitment laundry requires. If you start it, you’re committed for the next couple hours of your life. Sigh. That’s no way to live.
  • Maybe
    I’m ashamed to say I took my daughters’ love for granted for 14 years. I thought it was assumed. I thought it was a given. They’re little, young, naive, it doesn’t count… But when it’s gone…you’ll run through fire to get it back. When it’s gone your soul falls from your body flat on the […]
  • Nowhere
    They hate me. How am I the bad guy? I kept us together. For 15 years I kept us together. I was the one holding the house together with my own two hands as it ripped me apart day after day. She drank herself to divorce and she’s the hero. She’s the victim. How do […]
  • Smiles
    Adrian. It’s all gonna be alright. It’s all gonna work out.We’re gonna smile and look up at the blue sky sun shining and smile, thinking about how this life of ours is finally great. And all this anguish was just a tiny blip.

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